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About PickiVicki™ TEAM

When you are trying to Sell or Buy a house or any property the process can be overwhelming. Let’s forget about all the regulations that change daily… think about the “Process” itself. One VERY important service we offer is to our Sellers. If you are trying to Sell your home, you will have to deal with the scheduling of showings and allowing just anyone into your home is not a good idea. We make sure that Qualified Buyers (we verify approved to purchase) are who we let view your home. You would be surprised at the fact that some people just want to see “Pretty Houses”. Don’t waste your time when REAL Buyers could be viewing and moving you on to the next stage in your life!

With our Buyers we know the Market and what you “should” be offering and looking at. We notify you of New Listings that match your criteria, and we match up the houses with the type of financing you will be getting so there is no wasting your time looking at houses that won’t qualify. We can recommend Lenders that we have worked with in the past to ensure smoother closings all around. For our Investors we can quickly look at new inventory so we may get a jump start and view the properties when you are not available.

Customer Service is not just something we talk about… it is what keeps our Clients referring their family and friends back to us. We believe in treating others like we would want to be treated and it makes the process simple and smooth for everyone involved. Come and see what others are raving about when it comes to our Customer Service… you deserve it! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Why the PickiVicki Team should be on YOUR side

  • Professional Full Time Agents
  • Flexible work/showing times
  • Agents on call
  • Free personalized Buyer and Seller Consultations
  • We have Buyers in wait
  • Good ole` fashion Customer Service
  • Client Appreciation
  • We are “picki” with what happens to YOUR money